So many amazing films to see at the upcoming SAAFF in Seattle, and the International Examiner mentions them all.  Including episode I of Chop Socky Boom . . .  

Project London is an independently-produced, crowd-sourced, science-fiction, action-adventure, almost no-budget, effects movie packed with 774 stunning, visual effects. Jen Page portrays the sassy Xing Xing.  Check her out at:

Don't miss Khanh in "The Toy Job" - Season 5 Episode514  on December 19th!  The Leverage team creates a global toy craze to take on an unscrupulous CEO who is about to unleash a dangerous toy onto the market.  Khanh steas the show as a sassy reporter.

We are thrilled to announce that Episode I has been accepted into the Seattle Asian American Film Festival!  SAAFF will take place January 25-27, 2013 at the Wing Luke Museum. Co-Directors: Vanessa Au & Kevin Bang. Check out there schedule of award-winning films and panel discussions (including Chop Socky Boom) here

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In addition to appearing on the bus and over at the kickstarter, Chop Socky Boom was also on Komo 4 news!  Featured in the clip are Khanh Doan,  Jody Addicks, Shelley Brittingham and Vana Danh.  

CSB is thrilled to announce pre-production for episodes V - VIII.  If you'd like to see more episodes of chop socky boom, please consider our kickstarter campaign at:

 . . . in Ramayana  in Oct/Nov. It's a premiere adaptation of a great Hindu epic. More info on it is at

Chop Socky Boom Films and Titan Advertising have teamed up to bring free comedy web episodes to metro bus riders in Seattle.  Bus patrons simply use their phones to scan the smart tag on each chop socky boom poster, and they are automatically connected to episodes of the new Seattle based web comedy series.   And best of all, the episodes are absolutely without advertisement and free to watch...

to premiere Geek Seekers, a new web series with Jen Page and Monte Cook investigating the paranormal, UFO's and all sorts of weirdness, all the while acting like the geeks they trulu are.  Geek Seekers geeking the truth at     

. . . at Theater Schmeater this summer!  Not your grandmother's Hansel and Gretel, this pantomimic adaptation tells you the rest of the story of what happens to the siblings after they stuff the mean old witch into the oven, turn the knob to broil, and return to a highly dysfunctional family life.  Details at http://www.schmeater....

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