CSB is honored to be screening at the Seattle Web Fest Summer Showcase on Tuesday, August 25th at 6:30 pm at Jet City Improv.  CSB episode VII: the DIVAS episode will be joining forces with NINE other Seattle shows including The Collectibles, Real Adult Feelings, the Coffee Table, Capitol Hill Web Series, JourneyQuest, House of Glass, Phoenix Run, End times and Dynamo.  All the details and the...

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Enormous thanks to the Accolade Competiton for an Award of Merit for Episode V as well as an Award of Recognition for Lead actress Khanh Doan and an Award of Recognition for Fight Choreography by Cliff Lee.  BOOM!   The new shiny titles were added to the list over on the IMDB.

CSB and Co Creator Darlene Sellers are beyond honored to have been recognized by 4culture with an Art project grant to help support community engagement for Chop Socky Boom.  CSB was one of 84 projects from multiple disciplines awarded a grant in the King County area.  More details over on the 4culture web site.  so many thanks to 4Culture and King County, we are honored to be able to say that...

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The Indie Series Awards are kind of a big deal.  So we were beyond thrilled that they recognized the genius of Cherelle Ashby and Jonelle Cornwell by nominating them for a best wardrobe award.  Whatever happens on April 1st, we already know how lucky we are to have them on the Chop socky Boom Team.  Thank you ladies, for all you do. 

Catch CSB Ninja at the ist Annual Seattle Web Fest on Saturday, March 14th at the Northwest Film Forum. Max (Brandon Ryan), Carmen (Angela DiMarco) and New Dragon (David S Hogan) are kicking off the fest at 10am in Lynn Shelton's web series, "What the Funny."  Daisy (Darlene Sellers), Co-creator Heath Ward, and the JEn Page will all be sitting on panels.  Cherelle Ashby will be running the Red...

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The Demon Fighters are heading backing to Vancouver to open Van Web Fest on Friday, March 6th!  Flying jump kick excited to be screening again in the Canada.  Hope you can join us!

CSB is thrilled to be screening episodes V - VIII at ZOECon coming up on Sunday, November 22nd at noon.  Paige, Scottie and Daisy will all be attending along with Co-Creator Heath Ward.  Not only will the ZOECon be highlighting CSB, but comedy favorites Standard Action and Gamer Chick along with all the favorite Zombie Orpheus Entertainment web series like Journey Quest, Humans and Households...

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When the new FZW Line Producer announces the show is broke, Trick comes up with an unorthodox proposal to keep the cameras rolling.  will Fortune continue to favor the misfits?  Find out in episode eight!

Final Zodiac Warrior Cast and Crew members battle with their own inner demons as they prepare for D'Angelo's first scene.  Catch all the Diva moments in episode VII.

Seattle based web series "Final Zodiac Warrior" holds the first table read with Action Star, "D'Angelo."  Sccottie wins a small victory, Paige tries a new look and Trick meets his match in D'Angelo.  Catch the comedy at: episode VI