CSB returns to Balagan

Eight Seattle based films will be screening at Balagan Theatre on Tuesday, August 13th including CSB episode II: Callbacks.  Scottie and Daisy will be in attendance to catch all the local film goodness of: Breathing Into Wartime - written & directed by Curtis Taylor, Bobby Ellis is Gonna Kick Your Ass - written & directed by Craig Packard, The Coffee Table, Episodes 1 - 4 - written & directed by Scotto Moore, Chop Socky Boom, Episode 2: Callbacks - by Darlene Sellers & Heath Ward, Frank Hardon: Life Coach, Episode 3 - created by Tony Tibbetts, directed by Jade Justad, How to Get Laid - directed by Nik Perleros, Upon Your Shoulders - written & directed by Ben Rapson, and Paint - a music video by Autumn Perrotta

$10 tickets on sale at http://boxoffice.printtixusa.com/balagantheatre/eventcalendar