Our ninja pants are thrilled to report that epsiode V: the Day Job will be available online on Wednesday, September 3rd! SPOILERS: Be prepared for Demon Fighters.  And Ninja.  And Day Jobs.  And Ice Cream.  And Clowns.  And Popcorn.  And Feathers.  Lots and lots of feathers!

  Episodes VI through VIII to follow every two weeks!

Enormous thanks to the Cast and Crew and Backers and Friends and Family that made it out to the Pacific Place Screening of Episodes V - VIII.  There would be know show without all of you.  Now we can't wait to share it with the rest of the world.   New episodes hitting the interwebs in September! 

Big BOOM honer to be playing at the innaugral Austin Webfest in Texas June 26 - 28! Our ninja pants are beyond excited to be screening with so many amazing web shows at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.  Episodes V and VI (featuring Austin's own Lowell Deo as D'Angelo) will be playing up on the bighorn screen!

CSB was extremely honored to screen inaugural web series category at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival.  So imagine how excited our ninja pants are to share the news that Chop Socky Boom was named 2014 STIFF Best Web Series! Thank you STIFF. Thank you Cast and Crew. Thank you backers and supporters. And thank you Seattle Indie Film Community. BOOM!

Enormous thowing star thanks to the Seattle True Independent Film Festival for including web series in the lineup for 2014!  CSB is thrilled and honored to be screening in the webseries block from 6-8pm at Jet City Improv on Wednesday, May 7th.  Ninja STIFF Boom!

CSB is flying jump kick honored to be included in the Thunderfrog Charitable Anthology to raise funds for the Seattle Children's Hospital.  In addition to supporting a great cause, the anthology pays tribute to several of our favorite shows including: Standard Action, Gamer Chick, Dirty Dogooders, Voyage Trekkers, Glitch, Project Manhattan and the Gamers!  Copies still available on line at...

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Big Ninja thanks to LAWebfest for bring the Boom back in 2014.  In addition to screenings and participation in a Women in WebSeries Panel, the Boom was also thrilled to bring home two new shiny awards including Outstanding Theme Song for Matt Sayre and Outstanding Lead Actress for Khanh Doan.  For those keeping track, this brings the total LAweb awards for CSB up to five!

 . . . where she was busy battling the demons.  Coming up in April you'll be able to catch her onstage in Art Dog at Seattle Children's Theater.  And if you just can't wait until then (or for the release of episodes V - VIII of Chop Socky Boom) check Khanh out on IMDB...

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Hold on to your fighting fan and mighty abacus . . . CSB is heading to Vancouver BC for the premiere web festival in Canada!  May 2-4, CSB will be screening not one but TWO episodes at Vancouver Webfest.  Pretty flippin exciting, Eh? 

There will be demons.  And ninja.  And penguins.  And even icecream . . . all in episode V.  Enormous thanks to the fantastic locations, including Full Tilt Ice Cream that made, "The Day Job" possible.  The picture is officially locked, and color correction and the final score are well underway.