Demon Fighter Theme Song


Check out the Final Zodiac Warrior Theme Song, "Demon Fighter"  by our brilliant awesome sauce ninja pants composer Matt Sayre here:

And in case you want to sing along (and you will) . . . 

Demon Fighter, fighting with demons!
Demon Fighter, never stop screamin'!
Demon Fighter, gleaming power sword.
Demon Fighter, another to be gored!

Fighting the demons while the demons are fighting,
Saving the people that need to be saved.

Demon Fighter, still fighting demons.
Demon Fighter, one was named Steven.
Demon Fighter, the fighting fighter fights!
Demon Fighter, avoid the demon bites!

Heroes to all the boring people,
Plunging the sword into the demon's sternum.

And bards will forever tell the tale of the day
the stars aligned and, yes, our hero was revealed:

Final Zodiac Warrior, won't you come today?
Won't you save the day?
I have no ninja power left in my heart.

Final Zodiac Warrior, have you seen the signs?
Have you... crossed the line?
The stars will guide you, no time for dilly-dallying.

Demon Fighter, fire demon, water demon,
Demon Fighter, earth demon, various demons,
Demon Fighter, why so many demons?
Demon Fighter, never been a plebian!

Demon Fighter, fighting all the demons that are fighting... us!