Cast & Characters


Doan is a west coast regional actress having performed onstage in Seattle, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Portland including the Seattle Children's Theatre, 5th Avenue, ACT Theatre, Wooden O, Profile  Theatre Project, Broadway by the Bay, and American Musical Theatre of San Jose. Ms. Doan can also be seen onscreen in Leverage, The Big Bang, Knights of Badassdom, and Switchmas. Recently Doan appeared at ACT Theatre in Ramayana, and is appearing soon in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at SCT and You For Me For You at Portland Playhouse. 



Deo is excited to join “Chop Socky Boom” as the “diva with a heart of gold” D’angelo (the Dee is silent!). Lowell’s other endeavors have included Z Nation, Grimm, the Fugitive, R/evolve, Creatures from the Pink Lagoon, and Dominoes. While Lowell loves film, he came to it fairly recently after working steadily in daily television. Lowell says television news was fulfilling but nothing matches the creativity, freedom and license to explore quite like acting!




Downing is a popular Seattle Webseries personality currently appearing as the ever vigilant  superhero Death-Wish in the Collectibles, a monk in Glitch and the non flappable Lt. Arca Nira on  Star Trek Phoenix: Cloak and Dagger.  He has also appeared in numerous shorts, features and music videos including Grassroots, the Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle, Ordinary Angels, The Whole Truth, Emerald Nights, and Cowabunga.



Humphrey is known on the interwebs as The Quick from the Seattle based web-comedy, the Collectibles.  He is also an experienced writer, director and editor on projects including  the Addict, Prodigal Daughter, and Rectify.  His skills as an editor have also been seen in Ordinary Angels, the Collectibles and the Sheets Must be Silk.  In addition to owner of Film Ninja, Humphrey is also the trainer and proud papa of Bella, the Boxer. 




Greenan has received national and international attention for her feature-length films, documentaries, and particularly, her semi-autobiographical web series, Family: the web series. In addition, Greenan has produced several music videos for Seattle band Gaia Consort, and in 2011, Terisa Greenan produced and directed the documentary feature, Someday You, which profiles American author Robert Clark Young and his years long stint as caregiver to his elderly parents.


JAY IRWIN (Scottie) 

Irwin remains a Seattle favorite of stage and screen, most recently seen playing Mom in Are you there God, it's me Karen Carpenter, Edna in Hairspray at Seattle Musical Theatre and in Theater Schmeater's park show, Hansel and Gretel. He recently directed The Great American Trailer Park Musical for STAGEright. You can also catch him on screen in Creatures form the Pink Lagoon, Daylight Savings Time, Travius and Render Me Dead or check out his theater reviews on




McMasters has a BA in Theater from Temple University, and an MFA in Drama from the University of Washington as well as a certificate in Arts Management. Originally from Philadelphia, he relocated to Seattle in 1990 where he met Mike Christensen and started Jet City Improv, a non-profit theater organization that produces six-seven shows a week all year long. He works nationally as an actor, and has taught improv and theater internationally.


JEN PAGE (Paige) 

Page is a star of fantasy, gaming and scifi, most recently appearing in Gamers 3, Project London and Journeyquest Season II.  As a child,  her wild imagination convinced her she could be a superhero when she grew up. Her recent acting  projects allowed her to come close as a rebellious alien, a crafty sorceress rogue and a vampire (twice). With the new  venture of her own show, Geek Seekers, Jen hopes to ghost hunt, fight Bigfoot, read palms and wear some kick-ass goggles. 



Ryan is an audience favorite on Seattle stages having performed with Seattle Shakes, Theater Schmeater, Secondstory Rep and Open Circle.  He's been honored with two Seattle Times Footlight Awards and a TPS Gregory Falls Award Best Actor nomination. He is currently the founder/artistic director of Man Alone Productions along with hiis producing partner and best girl, Peggy Gannon.  



Sellers is a veteran indie actress having appeared in over thirty-something seattle film projects and garage theater productions including  SIFF, STIFF, Cannes, NWFF, Annex Theater, Theater Schmeater, Open Circle Theater and ACT.  In addition to acting, Sellers also writes, directs, choreographs and teaches.  It’s quite possible that the premise for chop socky boom was based on more then a few of her true to life on set experiences. 




Stevens is a Denver –based actor having appeared regionally on-stage in Washington, Oregon and California.  Most recently he appeared in Leverage and as the Portland Fitness Coach on MTV’s Biggest Loser—So I Used to be Fat.  Stevens has also appeared in Dangerous Writing, Smoke Rings, Ordinary Angels, the Evading and the Confessions of a Hitman.  Additionally, he is a Martial artist, a boxer, a fitness coach and a writer at Breaking Muscle




Telford has guest starred on the TV shows Leverage, Grimm and the Fugitive.  A graduate of the University of Washington’s Professional Actor Training Program, he has been on the boards at all of Seattle’s major theaters including the Seattle Repertory Theatre, the Intiman, the Seattle Children’s Theatre as well as ACT.  In addition to acting, he is also an award winning writer and director with three films screening at SIFF including the award winning, BFE.    




Bella is the newcomer to set but has tremendous experience with personal appearances.  You can catch her weekly shows at Marymoor Dog Park, West Crest Dog Park, Magnasun Park Dog Park, and Phinney Ridge Dog Park.