Max (Brandon Ryan), Scottie (Jay Irwin) and Paige (the Jen Page) review everything that's "Boom" in sixty seconds.  

EP01: Fast & Furious 6

Car chases, road rage, and Vin Diesel's dome look.  


EP02: Plants vs Zombies

Plants, zombies and REAL movies.


EP03: Bill & Sons

Pop rocks, soda pop and, "Bill & Sons Towing" Web series.


EP04: Diehard

Die Hard, Alan Rickman and bad dubbing.


EP05: Zelda

Zelda, pottery and shrubberies.


EP06: Dogs&Me

Dogs, Scottue and the hi-larious "Dogs & Me" Web series.


EP07: City Lights

CIty Lights, Charlie Chaplin, multiple Keatons, and Narnia.


EP08: Zork

In this episode, Paige reviews Zork, graphics and grues.


EP09: the Vault

Scottie reviews the riveting, "the Vault" Web series.


EP10: the episode we can't talk about

1999 classic film starring Ed Norton & Brad Pitt. (It's Fight Club.)


EP11: the Bloody Mary Show

The terrify-ing-ly funny, "the Bloody Mary Show" Web series.


EP12: Quantum Leap

Favorite Quantum Leap episodes. Sort of.